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Jewelry Accessories

When people invest in quality products like cars, televisions, travel trailvers and etc., they also invest in accessory items which will insure the long term looks and service of that product. Jewelry is no exception, quality Sterling Silver Jewelry deservies jewelry accessories which will preserve the long term brillance and usage of each natural gemstone jewelry piece.

There are numerous jewelry accessories on the market today, some are good and some have very little value.(the lowest priced item availabe is not necessarily the best value for you money) In my jewelry store, we have any ample supply of quality products to help in the care and preseveration of your Sterling Silver Jewelry Collection, such as jewelry polishing cloths, liquid and cream jewelry cleaners, jewelry boxes, anti-tarnish tabs, and etc. Check out the listed items which will work for you.

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3-School Ring Guards, Ring Tighteners, Ring Sizers (2 sizes)3-School Ring Guards, Ring Tighteners, Ring Sizers (2 sizes)A Useful Heavy Duty Ring Sizer, Ring Tightener for School Class Ring & other large rings
3-White Gold Ring Guards, Ring Tighteners (3 sizes)3-White Gold Ring Guards, Ring Tighteners (3 sizes)very attractive Ring Guards, Ring Tighteners. ring enhancers,  14K White Gold. Use with sterling silver jewelry, rings, White Gold Jewelry
3-Yellow Gold Ring Guards, Ring Tighteners (3 sizes)3-Yellow Gold Ring Guards, Ring Tighteners (3 sizes)

A very inexpensive and useful 14K Yellow Gold ring guard which reduces the size of large rings for a person with a smaller ring size. It will last for years! yellow gold ring reducer

Anti-Tarnish Bags, Anti-Tarnish ClothAnti-Tarnish Bags, Anti-Tarnish ClothSuperb storage and travel solution, Anti-Tarnish Bags. Treated with anti-tarnish elements embedded in the cloth,  jewelry protection for up to 3 years. Size: 3/5" x 4.5"
Anti-Tarnish Strips, Anti Tarnish TabsAnti-Tarnish Strips, Anti Tarnish Tabs

Anti Tarnish Strips, a simple inexpensive way of protecting your Jewelry when not is use or traveling. Simply place one tab in a zip-lock bag with your jewelry pieces and you are protected under all circumstances

Jewelry Box Ideas, Dbl Flip Lid, Silver JewelryJewelry Box Ideas, Dbl Flip Lid, Silver JewelryA splended design in jewelry box ideas. It has two compartments with flip lids on each one and closeable brass latches. The options for its use are many. 
Jewelry Polishing Cloth, Silver PolishJewelry Polishing Cloth, Silver PolishA great Silver Polishing Cloth, silver polish. An Excellent Product for quick and easy Cleaning, Shining and Protecting of your Silver Pieces especially Sterling Silver Jewelry. 
Jewelry Storage Ideas, Blue Trunk, Jewelry BoxJewelry Storage Ideas, Blue Trunk, Jewelry BoxAn exciting dual purpose in jewelry storage ideas. Designed primarily for jewelry storage this trunk also has a money slot in the top so it can be used as a money chest. 
Jewelry Storage Ideas, Jade Jewelry BoxJewelry Storage Ideas, Jade Jewelry BoxA design in jewelry storage ideas which is very practical and appealing. Its beautiful Jade green color really stands out especially with the spring green accent hearts. 
Jewelry Storage Ideas, Recessed Top, Silver JewelryJewelry Storage Ideas, Recessed Top, Silver JewelryA very attractive and functional Jewelry Box, two toned stain, finished inside and out. Custom designed, recessed lid, silver cloth included. 
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