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Ring Guards

Ring guards are a very nice and less expensive way of reducing a rings size without haveing it done by a jeweler. Before resizing a ring, several factors should be taken into consideration such as finger size variations due to weather, health conditions, pregnancy or weight fluctuations. Ring guards attach to the lower part of the ring shank allowing for temporary resizing, whereas jeweler resizing entails cutting, reshaping and soldering of the band which is a more permanent and costly solution.

Remember, your fingers are their largest in the evening hours and sizing them at this time will be more accurate. Keep in mind that when fingers are cold, a ring fits looser than when fingers are warm and swollen. The nice thing about ring sizers is that these varying conditions can be minimized because my ring tighteners are adjustable.

Consider attaching a ring guard to a ring that is 1 to 2 sizes too large for your finger or that spins around your finger when in place. A gold ring guard blends with the metal of your ring weither it is a Sterling Silver Ring, White Gold Ring or a Yellow Gold Ring.

There are basically two types of ring guards on the market today, plastic and metal. Plastic ring grards provide are a practical solution for some situations, but they are not very durable. From my perspective, metal ring guards are a much better choice; they are quality products (14K white and yellow gold filled), they are a lot stronger and durable, easy to install plus they can be removed and reinstalled, they are adjustable to fit your finger, and they are very secure as the counter lock design holds them in place.

In my jewelry store, I stock and sell two styles of ring guards in two different metals. The most popular is the White Gold Ring Sizers because they can be used with silver rings, sterling silver rings as well as White Gold Rings. The other metal ring guard which is available in my jewelry store in the Yellow Gold Ring Guards.

The two styles are as follows: regular ring sizers for wedding rings, ladies rings, childrens rings and etc. The are availble in White Gold or Yellow Gold. The second style is School Ring Guards for larger rings such as high school graduation rings, college graduation rings, and any ring with a wide ring shank width. I am sure you will be pleased with the available choices in my jewelry store listings.

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3-School Ring Guards, Ring Tighteners, Ring Sizers (2 sizes)3-School Ring Guards, Ring Tighteners, Ring Sizers (2 sizes)A Useful Heavy Duty Ring Sizer, Ring Tightener for School Class Ring & other large rings
3-White Gold Ring Guards, Ring Tighteners (3 sizes)3-White Gold Ring Guards, Ring Tighteners (3 sizes)very attractive Ring Guards, Ring Tighteners. ring enhancers,  14K White Gold. Use with sterling silver jewelry, rings, White Gold Jewelry
3-Yellow Gold Ring Guards, Ring Tighteners (3 sizes)3-Yellow Gold Ring Guards, Ring Tighteners (3 sizes)

A very inexpensive and useful 14K Yellow Gold ring guard which reduces the size of large rings for a person with a smaller ring size. It will last for years! yellow gold ring reducer

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