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Jewelry Storage Solutions

Women, more so than men, are likely to have numerous pieces of jewelry, and some ladies have large collections of jewelry which necessitates some kind of storage solution. Without jewelry storage solutions, your valuable pieces wind up in a dresser drawer, chest drawer or some other inconvenient location. Not good! Endless options in jewelry boxes, jewelry containers, jewelry bags and etc. are available in todays market.

Since my speciality is Sterling Slver Jewelry, I have focused on jewelry storage solutions which helps retard the tarnishing effect of silver jewelry. My Sterling Silver jewelry storage boxes are lined with Pacific Silver Cloth which is very good in accomplishing the above mentioned characteristic of silver jewelry. Another very simple and inexpensive solution is sealable plastic bags with anti-tarnish tabs inside. More options for you are coming in the near future. So, check out the available listings and see if one will work for you.

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Anti-Tarnish Bags, Anti-Tarnish ClothAnti-Tarnish Bags, Anti-Tarnish ClothSuperb storage and travel solution, Anti-Tarnish Bags. Treated with anti-tarnish elements embedded in the cloth,  jewelry protection for up to 3 years. Size: 3/5" x 4.5"
Anti-Tarnish Strips, Anti Tarnish TabsAnti-Tarnish Strips, Anti Tarnish Tabs

Anti Tarnish Strips, a simple inexpensive way of protecting your Jewelry when not is use or traveling. Simply place one tab in a zip-lock bag with your jewelry pieces and you are protected under all circumstances

Jewelry Storage Ideas, Blue Trunk, Jewelry BoxJewelry Storage Ideas, Blue Trunk, Jewelry BoxAn exciting dual purpose in jewelry storage ideas. Designed primarily for jewelry storage this trunk also has a money slot in the top so it can be used as a money chest. 
Jewelry Storage Ideas, Recessed Top, Silver JewelryJewelry Storage Ideas, Recessed Top, Silver JewelryA very attractive and functional Jewelry Box, two toned stain, finished inside and out. Custom designed, recessed lid, silver cloth included. 
Jewelry Storage Ideas, Victorian Jewelry BoxJewelry Storage Ideas, Victorian Jewelry BoxJewelry storage ideas in a unique Victorian style jewelry box. Painted antique white with an elevated pink center piece on top of the lid, brass hinges and brass closeable latch. 
Jewelry Storage Organizer, 4 Cubicle Jewelry BoxJewelry Storage Organizer, 4 Cubicle Jewelry BoxA jewelry storage organizer which is a very attractive and functional Pine Jewelry Box for your jewelry protection. It's silvercloth will protect your Sterling Silver Jewelry, silver plated pieces and will not harm any of your gemstones including diamonds.
Jewelry Storage Solutions, Patterned Jewelry BoxJewelry Storage Solutions, Patterned Jewelry BoxJewelry storage solutions in a very attractive and functional Patterned Jewelry Box. It's satin finished wood grained design really attracts your attention, and it has tremendous storage capacity for it's size. Pacific SilverCloth® protection for your Sterling Silver Jewelry and Gold Jewelry. 
Jewelry Storage Solutions, Pink Heart Jewelry BoxJewelry Storage Solutions, Pink Heart Jewelry BoxA great idea in jewelry storage solutions. If pink is your color, you will like this one. A petite rectangular pink heart jewelry box with 3 shadow box hearts on the front and one red heart on the top. 
Jewelry Storage, Ball Legs Jewelry BoxJewelry Storage, Ball Legs Jewelry BoxA very attractive and practical Jewelry Storage Box. It's reddish-brown color really brings out the rich wood grains of the wood. And, the table top lid and ball legs sets it apart from other jewelry storage ideas. It will blend with most home decors.

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