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Custom Silver Jewelry

The phrase "Custom Silver Jewelry" covers certain aspects of work in the various segements of the jewelry industry. In the strictest sense, it means a unique piece of designer jewelry and made for one person; in the broadest sense, it is used to cover just about any jewelry item in todays market. The correct meaning has to be somewhere in the middle. Handmade jewelry is not mass producted at a factory, nor is it traditional styles re-created by someone and sold without any changes. Custom Silver Jewelry is handmade jewelry pieces created by a jewelry designer for personal use and public sale.

Requests for specific custom silver jewelry designs are welcomed. Just email me with your particular need, and I will be happy to provide options and pricing for you. My speciality in Sterling Silver Jewelry is handcarfted pieces.

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Amethyst Dangle Earrings, Handmade JewelryAmethyst Dangle Earrings,  Handmade JewelryA very attractive pair of Amethyest Teardrop Dangle Earrings with the gems positioned in the center of the larger teardrops, Handmade Jewelry
Amethyst Heart Earrings, Handmade JewelryAmethyst Heart Earrings, Handmade JewelryExquisite Amethyst Inverted Heart Earrings, flowing curves with stunning gems is a fit description for these earrings. Two Sterling Silver Hearts joined end to end.
Amethyst Silver Rings, Gemstone JewelryAmethyst Silver Rings, Gemstone JewelryIf purple is your color, you need to look at this one. A dark Purple Amethyst Silver Ring, mounted in a smooth edged Silver bezel cup with a v-shaped ring shank. 
Antique Key Ring, Flatware JewelryAntique Key Ring, Flatware JewelryA very useful and attractive Stainless Steel key ring fashioned into a purse hook. With it's flowing leaf design named Bermuda, it is an attractive and functional piece of flatware jewelry.
Aventurine Dangle Earrings, Gemstone JewelryAventurine Dangle Earrings, Gemstone JewelryA set of Aventurine Dangle Earrings, custom jewelry, with soft pale green Aventurine Gemstones centered in the lower larger teardrop silver drop earrings
Azurite Malachite Silver Rings, Handmade JewelryAzurite Malachite Silver Rings, Handmade Jewelry2 Gems into one, an Azurite Malachite Silver Rings, mounted in a serrated edge bezel cup setting, and a split shank. Sterling Silver Jewelry Take a look!!
Black Onyx Dangle Earrings, Gemstone JewelryBlack Onyx Dangle Earrings, Gemstone JewelryA uniquely Gorgeous pair MoP/Black Onyx Dangle Earrings, round & oval silver bezel cups, handmade Jewelry. Colors which will blend with any attire.
Black Onyx Dangle Earrings, Handmade JewelryBlack Onyx Dangle Earrings, Handmade JewelryA pair of attractive Black Onyx Dangle Earrings  with Gemstones, handcrafted centered in the lower large teardrop which really attracts attention, Sterling Silver Jewelry
Black Onyx Drop Earrings, Handmade EarringsBlack Onyx Drop Earrings, Handmade EarringsA gorgeous pair of Black Onyx Drop Earrings, custom jewelry, a figure 8 connecting link, custom French Ear Wires, earrings for everyday use.
Black Onyx Heart Earrings, Gemstone JewelryBlack Onyx Heart Earrings, Gemstone JewelryAn elegant pair of Black Onyx Heart Earrings, crafted with 16 gauge sterling silver wire. Opened on the side with an angled cross bar and lower side of the heart. 
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