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Sterling Silver Rings

This category is a growing list of ladies sterling silver rings. Some could be designated as mens silver rings, but I crafted them with women in mind. All of them could also be classified as gemstone rings because each ring setting contains a semi-precious gem. When you combine Sterling Silver Jewelry settings with quality gemstones, you have a strong durable grogeous jewelry piece which will look great for many years to come.

Requests for specific sterling silver ring designs are welcomed. Just email me with your particular need, and I will be happy to provide options and pricing for you. My speciality in Sterling Silver Jewelry is handcarfted pieces.

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Amethyst Silver Rings, Gemstone JewelryAmethyst Silver Rings, Gemstone JewelryIf purple is your color, you need to look at this one. A dark Purple Amethyst Silver Ring, mounted in a smooth edged Silver bezel cup with a v-shaped ring shank. 
Azurite Malachite Silver Rings, Handmade JewelryAzurite Malachite Silver Rings, Handmade Jewelry2 Gems into one, an Azurite Malachite Silver Rings, mounted in a serrated edge bezel cup setting, and a split shank. Sterling Silver Jewelry Take a look!!
Black Onyx Silver Rings, Gemstone JewelryBlack Onyx Silver Rings, Gemstone JewelryStunning Black Onyx Silver Rings, smooth edged silver bezel cup setting, gemstone rings, Sterling Silver jewelry with a high luster finish. You will want to own this one!!
Carnelian Silver Rings, Handmade JewelryCarnelian Silver Rings, Handmade JewelryA beautiful Carnelian Handmade Ring with a smooth edged silver bezel cup setting, Sterling Silver Jewelry, hand made jewelry, designer silver ring
Flatware Floral Ring, Handmade JewelryFlatware Floral  Ring, Handmade JewelryA unique silver plated flatware ring crafted from a dinnerware spoon. It's distinctive floral pattern with a noticable patina effect really creates an attention-getting piece of handmade jewelry.
Flatware Scalloped Ring, Handmade JewelryFlatware Scalloped Ring, Handmade JewelryA unique patterned flatware finger ring which has an interesting floral pattern along with a ribbed border. It is a handcrafted ring formed from a stainless steel tableware spoon.
Flatware Spiral Ring, Handmade JewelryFlatware Spiral Ring, Handmade JewelryA beautiful handcrafted flatware finger ring with an etched border, lustrous finish and a noticeable patina effect, which really adds to your overall appearance. A very noticeable piece of flatware jewelry.
Gaspeite Handmade Rings, Sterling Silver JewelryGaspeite Handmade Rings, Sterling Silver JewelryExquisite Apple Green Gaspeite Custom Silver Ring with a smooth edged bezel cup setting, custom made rings, Sterling Silver Jewelry, 
Green Amber Silver Rings, Handmade JewelryGreen Amber Silver Rings, Handmade JewelryDazzling Green Amber Silver Ring with a smooth edged silver bezel cup setting and 2-prong shank, Sterling Silver Jewelry, handmade silver rings, light penetration makes it sparkle
Green Paua Shell Finger Rings, Sterling Silver JewelryGreen Paua Shell Finger Rings, Sterling Silver JewelryVibrant swirling Green Paua Shell Finger Rings, Gemstone Jewelry, mounted in a smooth edged Sterling Silver bezel cup setting with a 2-prong shank
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