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Antique Bellflower Earrings, Flatware JewelryAntique Bellflower Earrings, Flatware JewelryA new design in flatware earrings with 8mm Black Onyx round gemstones attached to the lower part of the dangles. Beautiful handmade silver plated earrings.
Antique Key Ring, Flatware JewelryAntique Key Ring, Flatware JewelryA very useful and attractive Stainless Steel key ring fashioned into a purse hook. With it's flowing leaf design named Bermuda, it is an attractive and functional piece of flatware jewelry.
Antique Patterned Key Ring, Flatware JewelryAntique Patterned Key Ring, Flatware JewelryWhen functionality is more important than design, this Flatware key ring holder is a great choice. It has a very simple eye-catching pattern  which really adds to it's usefulness.
Antique Spoon Earrings, Handmade JewelryAntique Spoon Earrings, Handmade JewelryA very attractive pair of Flatware Silver plated Earrings with a pattern which catches your eye without being busy. Handcrafted jewelry which you will appreciate.
Blue Onyx Flatware Bracelet, Handmade JewelryBlue Onyx Flatware Bracelet, Handmade JewelryA desirable flatware bracelet with a great looking Blue Onyx Sterling Silver setting, stylish stainless steel side pieces and a very functional Hematite magnetic closure. A bracelet for any occasion.
Flatware CZ Bracelet, Handmade JewelryFlatware CZ Bracelet, Handmade JewelryAn easy on-the- eye flatware bracelet which has a subtle burnished finish with a red CZ faceted bi cone gemstone setting mounted on heavy 16 gauge wire and a very strong "non-slip" Hematite Magnetic closure.
Flatware Floral Ring, Handmade JewelryFlatware Floral  Ring, Handmade JewelryA unique silver plated flatware ring crafted from a dinnerware spoon. It's distinctive floral pattern with a noticable patina effect really creates an attention-getting piece of handmade jewelry.
Flatware Floral Bracelet, Handmade JewelryFlatware Floral Bracelet, Handmade JewelryAn eye-catching floral Flatware Bracelet with a dazzling faceted CZ crystal gemstone setting mounted on heavy 16 guage Sterling Silver wire which is soldered to Sterling Silver jump rings and secured to the floral side pieces. The bracelet closure is a very strong magnet with a "non-slip" connection.
Flatware Royalty Pendant, Silver JewelryFlatware Royalty Pendant, Silver JewelryA great looking flatware pendant with a ribbed border and scroll work at the lower end. An elevated oval center piece creates an air of royalty. A very nice flatware jewelry piece.
Flatware Scalloped Pendant, Silver JewelryFlatware Scalloped Pendant, Silver JewelryAn exceptionally gorgeous Flatware Pendant which demands your attention. It is named Grand Elegance and the scalloped pattern really attests to that name. A flatware jewelry piece worthy of your consideration.
Flatware Scalloped Ring, Handmade JewelryFlatware Scalloped Ring, Handmade JewelryA unique patterned flatware finger ring which has an interesting floral pattern along with a ribbed border. It is a handcrafted ring formed from a stainless steel tableware spoon.
Flatware Spiral Ring, Handmade JewelryFlatware Spiral Ring, Handmade JewelryA beautiful handcrafted flatware finger ring with an etched border, lustrous finish and a noticeable patina effect, which really adds to your overall appearance. A very noticeable piece of flatware jewelry.
Flowered Key Ring, Handmade JewelryFlowered Key Ring, Handmade JewelryA fascinating piece of flatware jewelry. It is a stainless steel key chain crafted from a table spoon handle with a flowered pattern. A beautiful handmade jewelry piece.
Intricate Key Ring, Flatware JewelryIntricate Key Ring, Flatware JewelryAn intricate patterned flatware key chain which catches your eye and compels you to take a closer look. A handmade jewelry piece worthy of your consideration.
Matte Key Ring, Handmade JewelryMatte Key Ring, Handmade JewelryAn unusual key chain made from dinnerware fork utilizing the fork tines as part of the unique design. A very appealing  and functional piece of jewelry
Oak Leaf Key Ring, Handmade JewelryOak Leaf Key Ring, Handmade JewelryThis leaf patterned flatware key chain is not only easy on the eye, it is also very functional as it serves a specific purpose in our everyday lives. Beautiful handmade jewelry!
Scalloped Key Ring, Flatware JewelryScalloped Key Ring, Flatware JewelryA very unusual design in key chain jewelry. Crafted from a salad tong handle, it has the large finger hole as in a pair of scissors with a beautuful scalloped pattern. A unique flatware key chain which really catches your eye.
Starburst Key Ring, Handmade JewelryStarburst Key Ring, Handmade JewelryAn unassuming  and simple Stainless Steel key holder. It is better described as a purse key holder hook as it can be attached to a partition in your purse, jean pocket and etc.  With it's starburst design and ease of use, it will be a very attractive addition to your jewelry collection.
Stubbie Key Ring, Flatware JewelryStubbie Key Ring, Flatware JewelryA very useful flatware jewelry piece. A Silver plated dinnerware fork which is small in size making it very functional.
Teardrop Key Ring, Flatware JewelryTeardrop Key Ring, Flatware JewelryA petite Nickel Silver flatware key ring holder with a brilliant lusted and a simple but eye-catching design. It is a scroll tipped, wreath outlined design with a ribbed border which presents the design in a very interesting way.
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