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Flatware Floral Ring, Handmade JewelryFlatware Floral  Ring, Handmade JewelryA unique silver plated flatware ring crafted from a dinnerware spoon. It's distinctive floral pattern with a noticable patina effect really creates an attention-getting piece of handmade jewelry.
Flatware Scalloped Ring, Handmade JewelryFlatware Scalloped Ring, Handmade JewelryA unique patterned flatware finger ring which has an interesting floral pattern along with a ribbed border. It is a handcrafted ring formed from a stainless steel tableware spoon.
Flatware Spiral Ring, Handmade JewelryFlatware Spiral Ring, Handmade JewelryA beautiful handcrafted flatware finger ring with an etched border, lustrous finish and a noticeable patina effect, which really adds to your overall appearance. A very noticeable piece of flatware jewelry.
Vintage Flatware Ring, Handmade JewelryVintage Flatware Ring,  Handmade JewelryA vintage flatware ring with an unusual petite pattern which really creates a desire in any observer to take a closer look. It is a silver plated piece of handmade jewelry which takes a great shine.
Vintage Floral Ring, Handmade JewelryVintage Floral Ring, Handmade JewelryThis is a unique flatware jewelry ring which really presents it's floral ethced pattern, and angled lines in a beautiful way and really demands a closer look. A gorgeous piece of handmade jewelry.

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