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Everyday CareThis article cover several simple easy tips about everyday jewelry care using jewelry polishing cloths, jewelry cleaning solutions, sterling silver jewelry cleaning, paste cleaners and etc.
Home Method1A Method for cleaning jewelry at home using aluminum foil and baking soda, a jewelry cleaning solution,  Especially for Sterling Silver Jewelry
Home Method2Various methods for home jewelry cleaning, silver jewelry cleaning, jewelry cleaning tips, especially for Sterling Silver Jewelry using 7 different household products

Pacific Silvercloth® is a widely recognized brand name with a long history of preventing tarnish to sterling silver articles. It is an excellent jewelry protection cloth.

GoldfilledA brief article about the difference between Gold & Gold Filled Metals Used in Making Jewelry, Handcrafted Jewelry
SilverA brief description of 6 common types of silver: fine silver, britannia silver, sterling silver, coin silver, nickel silver,
ChrysocollaA very beautiful blue-green gemstone with a turquoise-like appearance, Sterling Silver Jewelry, Gemstone Jewelry

Jewelry Accessoies, PayPal Gemstone Jewelry, Manta

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