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Pacific Silver Cloth

Jewelry Box The authentic tarnish retarding silver cloth.

Most advertised silver cloth is not Pacific Silvercloth®, despite use of the Pacific Silvercloth® name.

Pacific Silvercloth is the original and widely recognized brand name with a long history of preventing tarnish to sterling silver articles. However, like the brand name "Coke," which is regularly used to refer to any brand of soda pop, the name Pacific Silvercloth is being used to sell other manufacturers tarnish-preventing fabrics. How can you tell the difference?

Following are some facts which will help identify Pacific Silvercloth:

  • Pacific Silvercloth is always brown in color
  • It is embedded with small particles of silver
  • It is always manufactured in 36-38 inch widths
  • It's life expectancy is 20 to 30 years
  • If what you own is not brown, It is not Pacific Silvercloth

Here are some uses for Pacific Silvercloth:

  • It will retard tarnish on fine Silver and Silver plated items
  • Line any drawer, cabinet or etc where silver pieces are stored
  • It works with Sterling Silver flatware, tableware and holloware
  • It is the best cloth to use in Jewelry boxes
  • It also protects against dust and scratches
  • It safe to use with gold, brass, and all precious metals and gems

Pacific Silvercloth is embedded with thousands of minute particles of silver which absorb the tarnish tarnishing gases before they reach your silver pieces. This action will turn any other jewelry cloth into various shades of brown. Now you understand the reason for the brown color of Pacific Silvercloth, it will not change colors even after many years of use.

One final note; Pacific Silvercloth is not washable. It will lose the silver particles which are embedded in the fibers of the cloth. To clean, simply remove the cloth and shake it.

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