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Chrysocolla Gemstone

Chrysocolla Gemstone Chrysocolla is a very attractive gemstone. It is blue-green in color and provides a unique color to the mineral world. It resembles Turquoise and is formed in the same oxidation zones (copper rich ore bodies) as turquoise. However, it is not turquoise because it has a different chemical composition. From the buyers standpoint, you are getting a turquoise look-a-like for much less than the more precious stone.

Chrysocolla in its pure form is soft and fragile and therefore not suitable for jewelry use. It is "agatized" in chalcedony quartz and this quartz provides the stone with its hardness and durability. Chrysocolla mixed with malachite and turquoise is known as "eilat stone"; when it is mixed with jasper it is known as "parrot-wing"; and mixed with quartz is called stellarite which is pale blue in color. These stones are used in all facets of making jewelry.

The pictured Chrysocolla gemstone is the normal blue-green color with embedded traces of the host rock which creates a very beautiful irregular pattern called a matrix. The image is of a Chrysocolla Earring Set which is available in my store.

Chrysocolla is a stone which varies in its hardness anywhere from a scale of 2 to 7 using the Mohs hardness scale.(2 is considered soft and 7 is medium-hard) The safest procedure is to treat is as a soft stone unless you know otherwise. Cleaning should always be done with warm soapy water, rinsed, and dried with a soft cotton cloth. When not in use keep it separate from other pieces of jewelry as the surface can be scratched or chipped

With a luster of vitreous (glassy) to dull and a translucent to opaque appearance, it is easy to see why this is such a popular gemstone, especially for turquoise lovers. It will blend with just about any combination of attire and can be mixed and matched with other pieces of jewelry in your collection with ease. It will add a very elegant festive feel to any outfit you may choose to wear.

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