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Sterling Silver Bracelets

If we compare the wearing of bracelets by men to usage by women, far more ladies wear bracelets than men. However, the popularity of bracelets with men has greatly increased in the last couple of decades. When a man wears a heavy wire guage Sterling Silver Bracelet, it speaks to his identity and helps him to appear more masculine and confident. If you consider some of the bracelets listed in my jewelry store, I am sure there will be one which appeals to you.

If you have a particular Sterling Silver Bracelet design which you like, I can probably make it for you. Feel free to contact me with your preference, and I will be happy to provide options and pricing for you.

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Bowtie Silver Bracelet, Handmade JewelryBowtie Silver Bracelet, Handmade JewelryUnusual Three-Quarter Twist Bowtie Silver Bracelet with an easy off/on hook & loop closure, Handmade Jewelry, Sterling Silver Jewelry
Figaro Silver Bracelet, Handmade JewelryFigaro Silver Bracelet, Handmade JewelryHeavy 16 Gauge Figaro Silver Bracelet, Handmade Jewelry, Crab Claw Closure, Designer Jewelry
Figaro Silver Bracelet, Handmade JewelryFigaro Silver Bracelet, Handmade JewelryA very attractive Figaro Silver Bracelet with a secure and easy off/on crab claw closure. Custom Silver Jewelry,
Figaro Silver Bracelet, Sterling Silver JewelryFigaro Silver Bracelet, Sterling Silver JewelryBeautiful and adaptable Figaro Silver Bracelet with a secure easy off/on snap ring closure Sterling Silver Jewelry, handmade jewelry
Teardrop Silver Bracelet, Sterling Silver JewelryTeardrop Silver Bracelet, Sterling Silver JewelryA uniquely designed Teardrop Silver Bracelet for Men and Women, Sterling Silver Jewelry with teardrop like links and a very simple hook and loop closure.
Twisted Chain Bracelet, Sterling Silver JewelryTwisted Chain Bracelet, Sterling Silver JewelryA very attractive Twisted Silver Bracelet with an easy off/on hook and loop closure. A single twist design, beautifully crafted handmade bracelet.

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