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Men's Necklace Lengths

Men's Silver neck chains are made to the following industry standard lengths:

  • 18" Base of the neck (for smaller necks)
  • 20" To the collarbone (most common length for average men)
  • 22" A few inches below the collarbone
  • 24" Just above the sternum

Choosing the correct necklace length
Start by measuring your exact neck size. Use a string or a small tape measure and measure the circumstance of your neck. Once you know your neck size, a good rule of thumb is to choose at a minimum the second size up from your neck size. Example: A man with a 17 1/2" collar (neck) size should choose a 20" chain length. An 18" chain would be too short.

Another factor in choosing a chain length is the style of the necklace (curb or trace chain) The curb chain will lie flat on on your neck and will be a little longer than the trace chain which has links perpendicular to each other. Both are gorgeous necklaces but each will have a very different appearance around your neck.

Chain lengths for men are typically chosen based on the man's collar size and typically fall just at the collar bone. A slightly longer length should be chosen if it is to be worn with a pendant, cross, medallion or other charm of some sort. You can also choose longer lengths for a layered look. The most common length sold to men of average neck size is 20".

Custom Necklaces
Most of my handcrafted necklaces can be made to a custom length or include an extender which will allow you to size your necklace to suit your needs.You can contact us with your special requirements and I can probably make a necklace to accommodate you.

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