Figaro Silver Bracelet, Handmade Jewelry

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Figaro Silver Bracelet, Handmade Jewelry

Figaro Silver Bracelet, Handmade Jewelry
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Eye Catching & Gorgeous

Since their orgin around 2500 BC in Southern Mesopotamia, bracelets, along with other jewelry like anklets, earrings, necklaces, and rings, were worn by the women to show off the wealth of their husbands. As such, they were a symbol of status - much like some jewelry is to this day. They often had religious connotations in addition to the perception of wealth and adornment along with other symbolisms. This Figaro Silver Bracelet is a traditional design which looks as great today as it did when it was created and definitely makes a fashion statement.

This Sterling Silver bracelet has been crafted from 16 heavy gauge round wire with a one-quarter twist which gives it a very uniform design, and it really sparkles in the light. Along with this great design, it has a very secure Crab claw closure. You won't need to worry about accidentally loosing this one. A worthwhile feature to have on a bracelet.

It will accent any other piece of jewelry, and it can be worn as a solitaire piece, or used as a two or three piece set with a matching necklace-earring combination. The Fetter-3-Link design creates a very nice uniform flowing pattern and it looks great! It's design is such that it will never go out of style. This bracelet should definitely be a part of your Sterling Silver Jewelry collection.

This handmade Silver bracelet will not depreciate in value over time, just the opposite, it will increase. When you compare the investment in quality Sterling Silver Jewelry to that of costume jewelry, quality Silver Jewelry is less expensive in the long term. That's excellent!

Shopping with confidence is easy because of the "Ironclad" product guarantee and my service after the sale. This Figaro Silver bracelet was constructed by JDesigns in my Southwest Oklahoma shop and all of the joints have been soldered using a high tensile strength silver solder to insure their durability.

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Jewelry Details
Category Sterling Silver Jewelry
Product Bracelet, Handcrafted Jewelry
Condition New
Material Sterling Silver ( Not Silver Plated)
Wire Size 16 Gauge Round
Bracelet Closure Crab Claw
Bracelet Length 9 inches
Bracelet Design Figaro, Chain
Bracelet Diameter 5mm
Bracelet Weight .36oz
Bracelet Usage Unisex
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