Red Coral Hoop Earrings, Sterling Silver Jewelry

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Red Coral Hoop Earrings, Sterling Silver Jewelry

Red Coral Hoop Earrings, Sterling Silver Jewelry
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Red and Blue

When you consider the hoop earring, the combination of the hoop, the ear wire, plus the length and weight can ruin your ear lobe. I have some good news, these Red Coral hoop earrings are not only beautiful, they are very light weight, and medium length which makes them very desirable silver earrings. They will really attract attention to your facial appearance and enhance your face shape.

Red Coral and Blue jade are excellent gemstones for making jewelry. Both are bold vibrant colors which create a striking color contrast and at the same time work well together. Just think of the myriad of options in attire and other jewelry pieces which these gemstones will accent. Both are solid colored opaque gemstones with Jade being the harder of the two, and both have good durability, especially in these Silver Earrings. A very striking and unusual combination of colors which will work with your choice of attire on any occasion.

The attractive Red Coral and Blue Jade gemstones and silver beads are the focal point of these newly designed Silver Hoop Earrings. These handmade earrings have been formed from heavy 16 gauge silver wire with the end of the hoop wire soldered back to itself as well as the silver ear wire eyes which produces a very tough jewelry piece. They measure 2 1/4 inches in diameter and I'm sure you can appreciate these great features.

I also want to mention a few additional procedures which increases the quality of these handmade earrings. 1. The wire used in these earrings is half-hard silver wire, 2. Further hardened by forming the hoops, and 3. Tumbled for a minimum of 4 hours which also hardens the wire. This method of making these Red Coral Hoop Earrings produces  very strong Sterling Silver Jewelry pieces which will resist distortion.

You have Five 2 1/4 inch Hoop Earring Choices.

Firecracker Agate | Blue Mtn Jade,Red Coral
| Lilac Stone | GR Mtn Jade/Serpentine | Kashgar Garnet

Numerous other options are available, contact us and state your preferences.

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Jewelry Details
Category Sterling Silver Jewelry
Product Earrings, Handcrafted Jewelry
Condition New
Material Sterling silver (not silver plated)
Wire Size 16 Gauge Round Wire
Earring Type Dangle, Hoop
Earring Design Custom, Handcrafted
Earring Width 2.25 Inches
Gemstone Blue Mtn Jade / Red Coral
Gemstone Hardness Mohs Scale 6 (Jade) and 3 (coral)
Gemstone Enchancement Jade, dyed...Red Coral, none
Gemstone Size 10mm Round & 8mm Round Beads
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