Blue Onyx Flatware Bracelet, Handmade Jewelry

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Blue Onyx Flatware Bracelet, Handmade Jewelry

Blue Onyx Flatware Bracelet, Handmade Jewelry
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Blue Onyx Bracelet

Stainless Steel is a very good metal to use in jewelry fabrication. One reason some jewelry makers shy away from it is because heat is needed to bend and form it into the desired shape. However, it has excellent strength and is still workable. Other advantages are; It is unplated, it will not fade or chip in addition to being resistance to rust, oxidation and discoloration, and the finished design will retain its shape much easier and is ideal for long-lasting jewelry designs. Extra effort will be needed to bend it into the desired shape, but the finished product makes your effort worthwhile.

This Blue Onyx flatware bracelet has been made using the handles of a dinnerware spoon. It is very appealing with it's long oval design, star burst pattern and recessed curved line running full length of the side piece. A beautiful bracelet which will blend with your choice of attire. A very attractive and jewelry piece.

There are two more features which makes this stainless steel flatware bracelet desirable; the Sterling Silver gemstone setting and the Hematite magnetic closure.

The setting is composed of a Blue Onyx 10mm round bead and two small Sterling Silver beads mounted on a piece of heavy 16 gage Sterling Silver wire, soldered to two jump rings, and attached to the side pieces for a secure, durable and long lasting connection.

The Hematite magnetic clasp with it's easy off/on connection is enclosed in a silver plated brass housing with a "non-slip" connection which creates a very strong and secure closure. This feature will be especially helpful to people with limited use of their fingers. It is very easy to connect and it takes extra effort to pull the magnets apart.

This Blue Onyx flatware bracelet is 7.25" in circumference which is a woman's "petite" size and one of the more popular sizes. It will be a snug fit for a wrist size of 6.5" to 6.75", a comfortable fit for a wrist size of 6.25" to 6.50" and a loose fit for a wrist size of 6.0" to 6.25". It can be be re-sized down to 6.75, a larger size of 8.25, or any custom size between the smaller and larger numbers. Contact me with your desired size.

A beautiful bracelet which you will enjoy for years to come, and one which you will wear often. That's Great!

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Jewelry Details
Category Sterling Silver Jewelry
Product Handmade Bracelet
Condition New, re-purposed
Material Sterling Silver/Stainless Steel
Bracelet Design Custom Flatware
Bracelet Size 7.25 Inches
Bracelet Gemstone Blue Onyx
Bracelet Closure Hematite Magnetic Clasp
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