3-White Gold Ring Guards, Ring Tighteners (3 sizes)

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3-White Gold Ring Guards, Ring Tighteners (3 sizes)

3-White Gold Ring Guards, Ring Tighteners (3 sizes)
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Attractive White Gold Ring Sizers

White Gold is fine Gold, .999 or better purity, mixed with three other metals (Copper, Nickel, and Zinc) to make the alloy (White Gold) stronger and more suitable for jewelry making. It has the same quality as Yellow Gold, just a slightly different alloy mixture. Yellow Gold is alloyed with Silver, while White Gold is alloyed with Nickel, it is that simple.

SPECIAL NOTE: This listing is for "White Gold Ring guards".

I also have available for purchase, Yellow Gold Ring Guards".

And, I stock, White Gold and Yellow Gold School Ring Guards".

The ring guard in this listing is 14K White Gold, a very good quality jewelry accessory item which is attractive and durable, providing a life time of use. Please read my article Gold or Gold Filled?? for an explanation between 14K Gold and 14K Gold filled jewelry pieces.

This particular Ring Tightener is designed for ladies who want to wear a man's ring: high school class ring, college graduation ring, a special family keepsake and etc. It is made of heavier gold plate and is wider than most ring guards to better fit the wider shank of mens rings.


1. All rings must be large enough to fit over the knuckle, but often tend to be too large to sit upright on the finger.

2. Stones can make a ring "top heavy" causing the ring to "spin" or "roll" (often ending up on the palm side of your hand). If your ring is too loose after passing over your knuckle the "ring spinning" is even greater.

3. A loose ring can be lost during activities; a problem when running your fingers through your hair, to say nothing about trying to type while pressing your fingers together, all are problems easily fixed with this Ring Guard.

4.They are easy to put on and remove from your ring. Once your ring is positioned on your finger simply push "up" on the "bottom wrap" until the ring feels comfortable to you.

5. Childrens rings which need to be grown into have an easy solution... just use a Ring Guard until their ring fits and they can enjoy it without the fear of losing it.

6. Occasional finger swelling can be a problem. The Ring Guard can be easily adjusted when a looser fit is needed.

7. This Ring Guard Tightener allows the ring to expand over the knuckle, yet fit snugly and comfortably on your finger.

Can I install this ring guard myself?
Yes you can! Simply follow the easy steps listed on the right with the associated pictures on the left.

White Gold Ring Guard

Step 1. Place the ring guard inside of the curved arm of the ring shank and bend the tabs on each side toward the outside of ring shank. (Pictures #2 and #3) The inner tab of the ring guard points down inside of the ring shank and gives more support for the ring guard.

White Gold Ring Guard

Step 2. Push down on the ring guard with a long round tapered object until the ring fits your finger, and it takes the shape of the shank.

White Gold Ring Guard

Step 3. Be sure the ring shank rests at the back of the ring guard arm.

White Gold Ring Guard

Step 4.With a pair of pliers, use a circular motion to tighten the ring guard arm to the ring shank.

White Gold Ring Guard

Step 5. Make sure the inside of the ring guard arm is tightened.

White Gold Ring Guard

Step 6. Repeat for the second ring guard arm.

You"ve done it! Once the ring guard is in place, you can adjust the "size" of the ring merely by pushing up or down on the middle band (wrap) of the ring guard.

SPECIAL NOTE: The ring seen in these pictures is for illustrative purposes only.

SPECIAL NOTE: This listing for for 3 ring guards in one lot.

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Jewelry Care Details
Product Ring Guard, Tightener, Sizer
Condition New
Function Reduces Ring Sizes
Ring Guard Metal 14K White Gold
Ring Guard Design Counter-Lock
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