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Return the unaltered item and choose one of the following options:
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Please refer to my Store Policies for further instructions.

Warranty and Repair

Extended Warranty

Since most of the jewelry which I sell has been hand made by me, I can offer an extended warranty. In addition to the 100% money back guarantee stated in my return merchandise policy, I will extend this warranty for a period of 90 days on all hand crafted items against defective material and/or faulty workmanship. I use only the highest grade materials in my jewelry pieces, and I am very conscious about the bonding process by which they are fused together.

Having been involved in fusion welding, brazing and soldering for approximately 40 years, I realize that under the best of circumstances, occasionally, the bonding of two metals will not hold. The solder joint will either crack or break. This can happen due to a number of reasons, and it will not be beneficial to discuss them in this article.

This extended warranty is to insure you that quality comes first in all the materials and workmanship of my jewelry. My goal is your complete satisfaction!

NOTE: This guarantee does not apply to any silver plated jewelry which I may sell. All silver plated pieces will be designated as (silver plated) in the item description section of the listing page

NOTE: This guarantee does not apply to damage caused by factors outside of the manufacturing process.

Please contact me to arrange for shipping information


Damage which has occurred to jewelry stems from two causes: one is during the manufacturing process, and the other is damage due to misuse, or an accident while in the possession of some person. Upon seeing the jewelry piece, a decision will be made as to the cause of damage. That decision will be made by JDesigns

If the damage occurred during the manufacturing process, there will be no charge for needed materials and labor. Repair or replacement of the item will be at the discretion of JDesigns. The owner will only be responsible for a very small shipping charge

If the damage occurred as a result of misuse or an accident, I will be happy to repair the piece of jewelry for a reasonable fee. The charge will cover any needed material and labor. If the item is not repairable, you will be notified and the decision concerning the future use of your jewelry will be made by you

Please contact me to resolve any problems

Phone number: 1-580-569-2771

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