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Silver Gemstone Bracelets

Next to danging earrings, gemstone bracelets are the most noticeable jewelry pieces which can be worn. So, when you want to attract attention, just wear beautiful jewelry bracelets. There are numerous types and styles available in todays market, and the most eye-catching are silver gemstone bracelets. The shine of silver and the beauty of semi-precious gemstones will be noticed by everyone. JDesigns has a great selection of gemstone bracelets from which to choose.

The word "durable"means to last for a long time without significiant detoration. When we apply it to Sterling Silver Jewelry, it also means strength. This defination sums up the quality of handmade jewelry in JDesigns jewelry store. You can buy with confidence because of our product durability and our product guarantee which is second to none. Your satisfaction is our highest priority. We only use the highest grade materials in the making of our silver jewelry items.

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Blue Hemalyke Gemstone Bracelet, Gemstone JewelryBlue Hemalyke Gemstone Bracelet, Gemstone JewelryEye-catching Light Magnetic Blue Hemalyke Handmade Bracelet, Turquoise Color Rondelle Beads and a stretch band, Gemstone Jewelry, Handmade jewelry
Blue Onyx Flatware Bracelet, Handmade JewelryBlue Onyx Flatware Bracelet, Handmade JewelryA desirable flatware bracelet with a great looking Blue Onyx Sterling Silver setting, stylish stainless steel side pieces and a very functional Hematite magnetic closure. A bracelet for any occasion.
Blue Turquoise Bracelets, Gemstone JewelryBlue Turquoise Bracelets, Gemstone JewelryUseful and practical Blue Turquoise Bracelet with an easy on/off expansion band, Handcrafted Jewelry, Designer Bracelet
Brown Agate Handmade Bracelet, Gemstone JewelryBrown Agate Handmade Bracelet, Gemstone JewelryA very eye-catching Brown Agate Handmade Bracelet and Black Patterned "Dizzy Eyes" in each of the three gemstones and A Macrame band with adjustable sizing. Handmade Jewelry
Colorful Agate Bracelet, Handmade JewelryColorful Agate Bracelet, Handmade JewelryA very attractive Colorful Agate Gemstone bracelet with Clear Accent Beads, a stretchable Macrame band  and a Slip-knot Closure.
Dizzy Eye Bracelet, Gemstone JewelryDizzy Eye Bracelet, Gemstone JewelryA very Attractive and Practical Dizzy Eye Bracelet with an adjustable macrame band. Gemstone bracelet, Designer Jewelry
Flatware CZ Bracelet, Handmade JewelryFlatware CZ Bracelet, Handmade JewelryAn easy on-the- eye flatware bracelet which has a subtle burnished finish with a red CZ faceted bi cone gemstone setting mounted on heavy 16 gauge wire and a very strong "non-slip" Hematite Magnetic closure.
Flatware Floral Bracelet, Handmade JewelryFlatware Floral Bracelet, Handmade JewelryAn eye-catching floral Flatware Bracelet with a dazzling faceted CZ crystal gemstone setting mounted on heavy 16 guage Sterling Silver wire which is soldered to Sterling Silver jump rings and secured to the floral side pieces. The bracelet closure is a very strong magnet with a "non-slip" connection.
Green Hemalyke Bracelet, Gemstone JewelryGreen Hemalyke Bracelet, Gemstone JewelryAn interesting and applicable Green Hemalyke Bracelet with a stretch band, faceted green rondelles, round black tube gemstones. Handmade Jewelry.
Malachite Bracelet, Gemstone JewelryMalachite Bracelet, Gemstone JewelrySubtle and Practical Malachite Stretch Bracelet with a watch-type expansion band, Fashion Jewelry, Gemstone Jewelry
Moss Agate Bracelet, Handmade JewelryMoss Agate Bracelet, Handmade JewelryA multi-colored Moss Agate Bracelet with a macrame adjustable band, Shades of greens, browns, grays, & red beads, handcrafted jewelry, unique jewelry
Pebble Turquoise Bracelet, Gemstone JewelryPebble Turquoise Bracelet, Gemstone JewelryA Pebble Turquoise Bracelet made with small Chunky Nugget gemstones with a stretch band. A very applicable gemstone bracelet for all occasions. Handmade Jewelry
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