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Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings

This simple, but attractive design of sterling silver earring is handmade jewelry by JDesigns. It is composed of different sizes of circles with a figure 8 attaching lnk to the ear wire, and most of these earrings will have a gemstone of your choice mounted in the inner circle. Beautiful pieces of custom silver jewelry.

You can request any particular design of Sterling Silver Jewelry and I can probably make it for you. Just contact me with your choices for more options and pricing.

Black Onyx Dangle Earrings, Gemstone JewelryBlack Onyx Dangle Earrings, Gemstone JewelryA uniquely Gorgeous pair MoP/Black Onyx Dangle Earrings, round & oval silver bezel cups, handmade Jewelry. Colors which will blend with any attire.
Black Onyx Drop Earrings, Handmade EarringsBlack Onyx Drop Earrings, Handmade EarringsA gorgeous pair of Black Onyx Drop Earrings, custom jewelry, a figure 8 connecting link, custom French Ear Wires, earrings for everyday use.
Bow tie Drop Earrings, Sterling Silver JewelryBow tie Drop Earrings, Sterling Silver JewelryA beautiful pair of Bowtie Drop Earrings, custom jewelry, Sterling Silver Jewelry, An unusual and practical pair of Silver earrings
Carnelian Dangle Earrings, Gemstone JewelryCarnelian Dangle Earrings, Gemstone JewelryA very beautiful custom set of Sterling Silver Carnelian/MoP Dangle Earrings set in smooth edged bezel cups with custom ear wires. The smaller MoP gems really accent the darker translucent Carnelian Gemstones
Carnelian Drop Earrings, Sterling Silver JewelryCarnelian Drop Earrings, Sterling Silver JewelryA very appealing pair of custom Carnelian Drop Earrings, Sterling Silver jewelry, with  silver figure 8 connecting links, handmade earrings
Chrysocolla Drop Earrings, Handmade JewelryChrysocolla Drop Earrings, Handmade JewelryA gorgeous eye-catching set of Chrysocolla Drop earrings, Mounted in smooth-edged silver Bezel Cups with custom french ear wires. Sterling Silver Jewelry
Dangle Lazy "S" earrings, Handmade JewelryDangle Lazy "S" earrings, Handmade JewelryA beautiful pair of custom Lazy "S" Dangle Earrings, unique design because of the inner half circles inside of the lower full circle, handmade jewelry
Gaspeite Dangle Earrings, Gemstone JewelryGaspeite Dangle Earrings, Gemstone JewelryAn exceptionally beautiful pair of Gaspeite/Lapis Dangle Earrings set in round and oval silver bezel cups with custom ear wires, handcrafted jewelry.
Goldstone Drop Earrings, Handmade JewelryGoldstone Drop Earrings, Handmade JewelryA beautiful pair of custom 2 Circle Goldstone Drop Earrings, handmade earrings, silver jewelry and a gemstone inset into the inner circle. designer jewelry
Lapis Drop Earrings, Sterling Silver JewelryLapis Drop Earrings, Sterling Silver JewelryA very attractive pair of custom Lapis Drop Earrings, a silver bowtie joining link. fashion jewelry, A exceptionally useful and practical pair of earrings
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